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Investment and Service Improvements for Inner M25 and Greater London Areas

Bullet Express, in partnership with our UK Network continually strives to sustainably improve and strengthen service offerings inside the M25 and throughout the Greater London Area.

Throughout our sector, service continuity to/ from the South East, Greater London and inside the M25 corridor has been an ongoing challenge. The main points of issue include poor consistency with post code coverage, having a direct impact on service levels. To maintain service in these areas, there has been a high reliance on third party companies, serving many networks and prioritising volumes over quality.

Levels of demand remain high, therefore as a network we have decided to make significant investments in the infrastructure, to ensure the long term success of our network capacity. Underpinning this investment is the alignment of exclusive Network members in these areas, focused on our core network values and service excellence.  

For all our customers, this investment will ensure the following benefits:

  • A Robust and Reliable network in London
  • Elimination of multi-network subcontractors
  • Increased Delivery Capacity
  • Network Partners focused on Service and Quality

Bullet Express are committed to investing with our network to ensure your freight takes priority and building onto our core foundation of customer satisfaction.

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