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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well, thirteen unlucky weeks of lockdown and, at last, we are now seeing the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

My fellow directors, staff and I have all learned a great deal about our business and processes, many of which should have been on our radar previously. It has certainly driven an increased focus on a number of aspects of the business.

When faced with adversity, I am usually at my best and it always brings out my humour. I can assure you I’ve laughed a few times in the last thirteen weeks.

In week one, I found myself sorting demi-johns for all our drivers to use in their cabs and when the site cleaners stopped for a few weeks, I ended up in my first month as new CEO cleaning the communal toilets at our Baillieston storage site.

Great fun trying to keep calm with the amount of toilet paper being used, and becoming angry over my clean floor being walked over. I was especially going nuts about the lights being left on, but I did laugh a lot.

Microsoft Teams calls, furloughs, government updates, social distancing and R numbers; all phrases and words that will be added into the 2020-2021 accounts notes, with a smile I hope.

Then along came CBILS loans, top-up loans, business support loans, bounce back loans and incredibly all free. Yes, the government are giving out free cash to save jobs, thank goodness they did.

In 35 years in transport, it’s been the craziest 13 weeks I’ve ever known. Businesses, governments and banks all implementing schemes and loans they would never have considered 4 months ago, all bending and changing rules to help each other. Its been mental as we say in Glasgow (the polite way).

So fellow businesses, if you are still standing - well done and good luck on the next thirteen weeks, they're going to be just as tough as the last.


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