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Keeping Business on the Right Track


In my capacity as Bullet Express FD, many people have asked me, ‘What did you do differently to keep your business on the right track throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic?’

With a backdrop of 71% of UK business’ furloughing 75% of their staff and the UK seeing its biggest recession on record, it is gratifying to me that Bullet Express have come through Covid-19 stronger than ever. With all staff now back at work, with new business opportunities being explored and new deals sealed daily, I am really excited about the future!

Trading through Covid-19 has brought many challenges but also many opportunities. Not just opportunities of new work but also to take stock, to re-prioritise and to execute new systems and procedures. With lots of business’ temporarily closing their doors and even ceasing operations, re-financing and the impact of trading activities globally on most, it has been critical for Bullet Express to progressively adapt our business plans to account for the disruption. I believe we have done this remarkably well and I could not be prouder of every single employee within our business.

As a company who has demonstrated responsible business practises before and during Covid-19, we will continue this beyond and be in a stronger position to succeed. The liquidity planning we have always embraced has had to be re-assessed due to the nature of the pandemic, general practise would be to leverage historical data but there has had to be a rethink in this method in order to develop a reliable liquidity forecast, now being assessed daily. Risks profiles are also at the forefront of our planning, particularly working ever-closer with our customers and suppliers is paramount to ensure not only our stability but theirs and this has been put into actions and not just words as we’ve put system in place to support many at their most vulnerable time.

These changes have all brought about communications and transparency between departments, colleagues, managers, and the board that are unprecedented for our business and stand us in good-stead as we look forward.

Bullet Express hit a landmark of 30 years in business in 2020. I have personally been part of the evolvement of the business for 23 years (phew, where have the years gone?) and in my opinion there can be no holding us back as we continue to work together stronger than ever, seeing ‘opportunities rather than problems’ and embracing the new reality we trade in.

About the author

Bridget Mackay

Bridget Mackay

Director of Finance & HR


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