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Think for Logistics Project Underway

Bullet Express are delighted to announce we have our “Think for Logistics project underway”. As an industry the transport industry has an average age of 52 which considering the work being carried out at times needs to be lowered . to do this we need to open our industry to the youth of today.

To do this Bullet Express will be joining with local schools and the Local enterprise departments to begin presentation to 5th and 6th form pupils including an assessment test after a transport briefing on how a small to medium transport company operates. David McCutcheon our MD will be presenting to a local school in July or August with a view to selecting 10 candidates who will be brought to our premises for a half day tour. The long term project here is for Bullet to select a candidate or two who will be looked at as a potential future employee.

During 5th and 6th year the candidate or candidates will come to Bullet one day a week as well as a day at College. We are delighted to be the first Scottish transport company to be involved in this project which is being rolled out across England and Wales.

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