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Brexit Preparation Checklist

A summary checklist to ensure your readiness for trading in Europe from 1st January 2021.

1. Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI)

Ensure both buyer and seller are registered to enable the sending/receiving of shipments to/from UK/EU.

2. UK Tariff/Commodity Codes

Classify the tariff codes for all your products. You can get advice on how to classify your goods by contacting HMRC.

3. Customs Procedure Codes

Notify Bullet Express in advance of customs declarations if products are being temporarily imported or exported, for example repair or exhibition etc.

4. Export / Import Licence or Control

Identify if your products are subject to licencing or controls and liaise with your buyer/seller if applicable to avoid customs entry delays.

5. Product Origin

Identify the UK/EU/non-EU content (including all components and raw materials) and whether your goods may qualify as being of UK or EU origin.

6. Wood Packaging Material

If you pack products on wooden pallets for shipping between UK and EU, are they ISPM15 approved.

7. Exporter Commercial Invoice and Packing List

Ensure your documents contain all the relevant information to enable Bullet Express to complete customs entries on your behalf and that the content is accurate.

8. Nominating a Customs Broker

Nominate Bullet Express Customs Care Team to act as your Direct Representative when handling customs declarations on your behalf

9. Duty Deferment Account

Apply for your own duty deferment account that will aid your duty payment process when importing from the EU.  Bullet Express can offer use of their Duty Deferment account if required, please ask us for more details.

10. Import VAT

Prepare to pay or account for VAT on imported goods.

11. Customs Delays

What level of risk of physical or documentary examination might apply for your goods imported from, or exported to EU countries? If working in time-sensitive sectors, consider how your EU clients maybe impacted by customs delays (further considerations may include just-in-time practices, timed deliveries and potential penalties and short shelf-life goods).

Complete our Customer Support Application form to kick off a discussion with our Customs Care team!

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